Blog all about it.

For a while now I have been a part of this incredible blogging world.  Reading, deliberating, commenting.

For an equally long while I have been considering ways in which I can become a more active member of the blogging community.

My problem?  I have the attention span of a pea. And yes, for the purpose of this post, a pea does have an attention span.  A very very small one.

I have tried to blog before, mainly in a ‘this is my life’ format.  Then I realised.  My life isn’t that interesting.  I mean, it is, to me.  But to the rest of the world? Nope.  Not interesting at all.

So I scoured the web looking for inspiration, and then I found it.

What could possibly be more eclectic than blogging about the internet?  More specifically, social networking.

Social networking has become one of the biggest phenomenons of the 21st century, offering something for everyone.  From Facebook to Flikr, Tumblr to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, you name it, you’ll find it.

An eclectic kind of love aims to bring these together, collaborating little snippets of the web and putting my little stamp of opinion on each.


5 thoughts on “Blog all about it.

    • Hello ibraryunus, thank you for taking the time to be my first commenter!

      I am looking forward to exploring your site and returning the compliment :)

      Please do come back and check on us, we are a working progress but hopefully it will be a good one!

      • Oops, sorry for the late reply, my internet has been acting all crazy! And ofcourse, I’ll check out out blog again (and from time to time) ^^

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