Food good Fridays!

What better way to celebrate the weekend than with a delicious dinner, scrumptious dessert or tasty treat?

Fridays for me are all about the food.

Food good Fridays will bring you a new and exciting recipe found on the wonderful World Wide Web.  As I have said here I will try my best to link back to the original site, offering credit where credit is due.

Before I continue there is something you should know.

I am a Greek Yoghurt obsessive.

Like seriously.

I eat Greek Yogurt with everything.

So, with that said, you can understand why this next recipe caught my eye:

Skinny Greek Yoghurt Chicken.

It goes without saying that I found this recipe on Pinterest, however I located it back to this site.

I haven’t tried it as yet but I shall be sure to upload a picture of my probably not so successful attempt once I have!

Oh, and one other thing – The recipe says ‘mayonnaise’ but I mentioned I had an obsession with Greek Yoghurt right?!

P.s. I made the most delicious Salmon this evening in a balsamic, garlic and honey dressing.  A-MAZE-ING.


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