Sentimental Sunday’s

Sundays offer a welcome chance to reflect on the week that has just passed.

Inspired by Postsecret, Sunday’s shall be used to post inspirational and meaningful ‘anything’s’ I have found through the internet.

By ‘inspirational’ and ‘meaningful’ I mean ‘likely to be rather hilarious’ or ‘this so rings true to my life!’ such as this one for example:

Everyday, I get home from work, change into my pajamas, cook the dinner and settle down for the evening.

Ordinarily, this works out rather well, unless of course, the doorbell rings.

Take last night for example.  The routine bra removal and see through pajama’s were definitely not appropriate.

(Also? Postsecret – If you haven’t read it, do it now.  Like right now. Go! (just make sure you come back….))


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