Sentimental Sundays!

It’s that time again folks!

This week I would like to present you with a slightly more thoughtful find:

Now, this is all lovely and everything but here are my thoughts (in bullet point format..):

  • I am grateful for being employed and all that jazz but in all honesty?  I would rather those taxes be in my pocket and not that of the unemployed couch potato across the road..
  • The clothes that fit a little too snug?!  Who in their right mind is actually thankful for this?!
  • Give me the shade any day.  My office is an oven.
  • A lawn that doesn’t have to be mowed, windows that don’t  have to be washed and gutters that don’t  need to be fixed because it means I have a boyfriend.
  • It’s all very well parking at the rear end of the car park when you are heading too the supermarket, but when you are heading back with 4 pints of milk, a 16 pack of toilet roll and a box of cereal that is too big to fit in a carrier, it’s not quite so fun.
  • Complaining about the government?? Never!
  • am thankful for the lady in church who sings off key but it’s not because it means I can hear, it’s because she is blocking out the sound of the strangled cat from my voice box..
  • My loved ones are not loved on laundry day.
  • And as for the alarm?  I hit snooze 6 times before I get up.  Don’t take that ‘i’m an early riser’ tone with me!

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