Twitter trend Tuesdays

Last week we saw the ‘Best British Boy Band’ category at the Kerrang awards trending on Twitter in the UK.

This week I thought we would branch out and look at Canada.

The Canadian’s are talking about H&M (I am writing this on 12th June as I am otherwise engaged to do so at a later date!)

H&M (or Hennes & Mauritz AB) has over 2,300 stores in 43 countries, this making it the second largest clothing retailer in the world (first is ZARA).

So yeah, it’s pretty big.

(Also, I better references Wikipedia in all this, I don’t want to get sued for plagiarism!)

So I have done a little investigating as to why H&M would be trending at the moment and it turns out they have just welcomed a new designer onto their team: Mason Martin Margiela.

Means nothing to me, but apparently it’s a pretty big deal!


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