WordPress Wednesdays

So, I am going to be honest, I have been a little busy.

And when I say ‘a little busy’ I mean, I haven’t actually been in the country for the past 7 days (by the time you are reading this anyway..) so I have pre-written 10 days worth of blogs (today is in fact 12th June) and therefore have not had the time to scour the internet and keep up to date with the blogging world this week.

Big boo to me.

Anyway, with that said, one of the first people to take the time to ‘like’/comment on anything I have written was Jill of all trades so naturally I have tried my best to keep up to date with her posts and read bits here and there.

She’s awesome.

I especially like her post on ‘Magic Mike’ and ‘Finally 40’ ah! who am I kidding!?  They’re all great :-)

Go on.. take a read.. you know you wanna!


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