Sentimental Sundays!

I cannot believe it is Sunday already.

All week I have been looking forward to the weekend and now it is nearly over.

And so the process starts again..

This is kind of how I feel at the moment:

Since I have been back from my holiday i feel completely overwhelmed with hecticness.

Not of the busy kind but of the messy kind.

I currently feel like my life has no order at all.

I have uni work coming out of my eyeballs.

For those of you who don’t know:

  • I work full-time
  • Do a degree with the Open University
  • whilst minting a house
  • and looking after a puppy and a boyfriend

Believe me, it’s harder than it looks!

So, my mission this week is to get myself in order.

I feel our house has become one big cluttery mess.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we are hoarders or anything:

Please note – This is NOT our house.

But I just feel there is clutter everywhere.. things that have no home end up stuffed in a drawer..  So, this week is all about sorting out the house, one drawer at a time.  The boyf is in on this plan (as you can imagine, he is overwhelmingly excited).

As well as de-cluttering, I also need to get my study in order.  I have fallen roughly three weeks behind and have roughly one week to catch up.. I am actually studying two modules alongside each other at the moment (this is the first and last time I shall do this..) and am finding it rather difficult to keep up, not to mention the fact they are both excruciatingly boring..

So, as I am sure you can appreciate, there is not much time for blogging at the moment, I will however try my best!


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