My life – Your hands.

So, I am sorry to keep banging on about this but it is on my mind in a huge way.. so I though ‘Hey!  What better way to make a decision than to put a poll on my blog!’

No pressure or anything, my life is just in your hands.

So I made a list of pro’s and con’s as to whether or not I should drop out of my Social Science module.

These are as follows:

  • It would allow more time to be spent on my maths module
  • 1 good grade (i.e. maths) is better than 2 bad/average grades
  • I would have more free time to spend with the boyf and my friends and for things I actually enjoy (which is definitely important)
  • I really want to do some voluntary, mentoring work and it would allow me the time to do that
  • It would free up 30 credits for me to do a module I actually enjoy (I chose social science as my 30 credit free choice module..)
  • It will seriously reduce my stress levels
My concerns/con’s are
  • I had financial support for this and if I do my free choice module at the end of my degree I will probably have to pay
  • It will prolong my degree by 6 months
  • I will only have 60 credits at the end of this academic year and I really wanted 90
  • I will feel like a failure.

Please help by completing the poll! (I won’t really hold you responsible for any bad decisions – honest ;-) )


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