March, as February was a bit boring..

March was a strange month for me.

March was a month of ‘things to look forward too’. The Boyf and I were given the exciting news that we were celebrating my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary at The Ritz. Yes, you heard, The Ritz.

We had also made the decision to purchase a puppy, so that was another excitement for us. Both of these things were happening in April so more about that later.

March is also the month in which the Boyf was born.

Now I don’t know about you but I am a little bit of a birthday fanatic so naturally I had the house decorated, a candeled muffin ready and a stack of presents patiently waiting to be opened by the time the birthday boy woke up.

Unfortunately, I had to do a system reset on my phone which consequently lost all my photos and therefore I have no proof of how amazing my attempts were. Better luck next time.

The end of March was a hard time for my family and I. March 21st 2012 marks the day my great grandmother passed away. This is not a subject I feel ready to talk about just yet as it still feels very raw however I will say that my Nana was the most incredible woman and I love and miss her very much.

Stay tuned for Aprils shinanghans, what could be better than a weekend at the Ritz??!


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