Little from large

Let me set the scene for you.

Upon arriving home from our Christmas break in the south of France we visited the Boyf mum for an evening meal.

Before serving up an incredible display of pancakes I took myself to the bathroom.

‘what do we have here’ I said to myself.

This suspicious looking object was in fact a set of weighing scales. Now I hadn’t weighed myself in around 7 months and I believe the last time I did I was 164lb’s. That was bad enough.

So I removed my clothing (like you do before dinner in someone else’s house..) and carefully positioned myself on the scales.

The number on the scales was horrifying for me.


Now this may not seem like a huge amount but for my 5″4 frame it is pretty ginormous.

This was the wake up call I needed.

So (after finishing the pancakes) I made a commitment. I reinstalled ‘my fitness pal’ on my iPhone and got back on track with my calorie count.

Over the next few months I began to lose weight, weighing in at 147.4lb’s at the beginning of June. That’s a loss of 24lb’s.

Canada ended it all.

I gained 5lb’s in Canada and have only managed to budge 2 of those since returning home.

I currently weigh 151.2.

Now, the NHS website tells me I need to weigh 133lb’s to be ‘healthy’.

Today I am back on it.

I am hoping if I track a little bit of my progress on here (never fear, this will NOT become a weight loss blog) I may find some willpower to lose those last 18lb’s.

Current goal – 149.something by Friday.


2 thoughts on “Little from large

  1. Hmm…I think I can relate to your challenge! I’m about the same size as you. Once I was stuck on a weight loss plateau for three weeks, and no calorie cutting seemed to help. I poured a small glass of Sangria, had a thin slice of peach pie, and took an enjoying break from my effort. The next morning, I was three pounds lighter. Maybe it was just enough to kick my metabolism into gear…or maybe it was a magical combination!

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