An eclectic kind of love

Something I have always struggled with is knowing the boundaries of blogging.  What is too revealing and what is not revealing enough.

Somehow, disclosing your identity seems to limit the what you can and cannot post as explained here.

I figured I would get around this issue by using social networking sites as my inspiration, as opposed to my personal life.

Social networking has become one of the biggest phenomenons of the 21st century, offering something for everyone.  From Facebook to Flikr, Tumblr to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, you name it, you’ll find it.

An eclectic kind of love aims to collaborate, expand and explore the information displayed on these sites.  Basically, the plan is to draw inspiration from topics circulating on the net, thus leaving me with little room for ‘writers block’.

By this I mean, they will act as my inspiration, whether it be fashion, celebrity status, politics, TV, books, humour, recipes, beauty or design.

Due to that nature of doing this I feel it important to point out that all the views expressed on this blog, unless stated otherwise, are that of my own.

I will try my best to link back to the original source of any picture, quote or video posted, however if you do stumble across the occasional error message, please do let me know.

However, as this blog has progressed I feel more and more compelled to the idea of writing about myself, my love, my laugh’s, my life.  So here goes nothing, it’s about to get personal!


2 thoughts on “An eclectic kind of love

  1. love this blog! and wow such a lovely flowery design.. All the elements of the blog go nicely with each other! Hope you get lots and lots of followers.. :)

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