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Photo a day – 6th July

I am really hoping this one works as I have been having numerous problems with posting pictures.. My posts don’t seem to be appearing with the ‘continue reading’ option and therefore links/pictures aren’t showing up.

Also, I can’t display whole posts as opposed to the clipped versions, I think this has something to do with my template..

Anyway, back to photo a day.

Today photo title is chair.

Yes, you heard correctly.


So I thought I would post a picture of the chair I blog from:

Try and contain your excitement. Continue reading


Photo a day – 5th July

So todays photo title is on the floor.

Ok.. so I think I have stretched every part of the imagination here but at least she is stood on the floor right?! Continue reading

Photo’s 1 – 4

The photo for the 1st July is Self Portrait.

Now, seen as this is the first time I have disclosed my identity, I feel a drum roll is in order..

So.. Drum roll please!

Ta da!

So there you have it.  That’s me.  Anti climax?  I think so.

The 2nd July photo title is Busy.

As you can see in the photo.. two cups of coffee (lets get the most important item’s out of the way first..) my maths assignment, my maths workbook, a calculator, 2 different pens, a highlighter, my landline phone and my computer all make for a very busy evening!

The photo title for the 3rd July was Best part of your day

Bed – Interpret how you like but the truth is? There is no greater feeling than enveloping yourself between those sheets for a long and well deserved rest..

The 4th July was entitled Fun

This is the Boyf and I acting like goons – we make our own fun!

So there you have it – Photo’s 1 – 4!

Photo for the 5th to follow! Continue reading

Photo a Day JULY

A friend of mine recently asked if I was taking part in the Photo a Day contest for July.

Until that moment I hadn’t actually heard of it but thought it sounded like fun.

Here are the topics:

Now, when I say ‘contest’ I actually just mean ‘fun thing to do’ as a contest would imply there was a prize, which there’s not.

So based on the fact it is now the 4th July (Happy Independence day to all you people State-side) and the ‘contest’ started on the 1st.. I am 3 days and a post behind so I best get cracking! Continue reading