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Sentimental Sundays

This weeks Sentimental Sundays post is dedicated to relationships (heavy, huh?).

It has taken me a long time to realise that life is not like the movies.

The Boyf and I have been through a lot in a relatively short space of time. We met on December 1st 2010 and started renting a house together at the end of April 2011. After the initial excitement of looking for a property, unpacking our belongings and searching for the perfect house hold appliances (yes, I really am that much of a geek) we eventually settled down into everyday life.

It was then it hit us, I think the exact thought was something along the lines of ‘oh, so this is it then’.

We then spent a good couple of months feeling sorry for ourselves, questioning if we had made the right decision, questioning if we were really right for each other, questioning the reasons a 24 year old and a 26 year old were sat in watching Strictly Come Dancing on a Saturday night when everyone else our age was out drinking the loopy juice. We fought until we cried. And then we realised (after many heart to hearts with my mum – she’s amazing) that you have to make your own happiness.

People (myself included) believe that love is all about walking around with butterflies in your stomach and birds singing mary-poppins stylee as you walk hand in hand through a bed of roses.

Well it’s not.

Love means different things to different people.

To me, love is still wanting to hold him tightly, even when I want to punch him in the nose.

Love is the private jokes we have that no one but us will ever understand (or find funny if they did..)

Love is waking up next to someone and not wanting to move because you are enjoying your snuggle to much.

Love is loving his weird and quirky ways.

Love is knowing what he is going to say, even before he has said it.

Love is talking in goofy voices that you wouldn’t dream of letting anyone else here.

Love is not being embarrassed when he never understands any jokes ever.

Love is cooking his dinner every night whilst moaning that he never does anything around the house.

Love is constant nagging.

Love is sitting for hours at a time whilst helping him with his books.

Love is laughing until you cry.

Love is doing nothing but sitting.

Love is arguing because you care.

Love is blazing rows over who spilt the milk and then laughing about it later.

Love is singing at the top of your voices whilst holding an invisible microphone.

But mostly? Love is knowing that the person sitting next to you is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, no matter how many trials and tribulations you have to go through to get there.

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Sentimental Sundays

For those of you who have read 50 Shades of Grey:

Which reminds me – I owe you a review.. Continue reading

Sentimental Sundays!

I cannot believe it is Sunday already.

All week I have been looking forward to the weekend and now it is nearly over.

And so the process starts again..

This is kind of how I feel at the moment:

Since I have been back from my holiday i feel completely overwhelmed with hecticness.

Not of the busy kind but of the messy kind.

I currently feel like my life has no order at all.

I have uni work coming out of my eyeballs.

For those of you who don’t know:

  • I work full-time
  • Do a degree with the Open University
  • whilst minting a house
  • and looking after a puppy and a boyfriend

Believe me, it’s harder than it looks!

So, my mission this week is to get myself in order.

I feel our house has become one big cluttery mess.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we are hoarders or anything:

Please note – This is NOT our house.

But I just feel there is clutter everywhere.. things that have no home end up stuffed in a drawer..  So, this week is all about sorting out the house, one drawer at a time.  The boyf is in on this plan (as you can imagine, he is overwhelmingly excited).

As well as de-cluttering, I also need to get my study in order.  I have fallen roughly three weeks behind and have roughly one week to catch up.. I am actually studying two modules alongside each other at the moment (this is the first and last time I shall do this..) and am finding it rather difficult to keep up, not to mention the fact they are both excruciatingly boring..

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Sentimental Sundays!

It’s that time again folks! This week I would like to present you with a slightly more thoughtful find: Now, this is all lovely and everything but here are my thoughts (in bullet point format..): I am grateful for being employed and all that jazz but in all honesty?  I would rather those taxes be … Continue reading

Sentimental Sunday’s

Sundays offer a welcome chance to reflect on the week that has just passed. Inspired by Postsecret, Sunday’s shall be used to post inspirational and meaningful ‘anything’s’ I have found through the internet. By ‘inspirational’ and ‘meaningful’ I mean ‘likely to be rather hilarious’ or ‘this so rings true to my life!’ such as this one for example: … Continue reading