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So this week marks my ‘500 views’ goal post along with my 20 followers mark!

Now, to the expert blogger this is no big deal.

To the novice?  a huge one.

Some facts for you:

That is on average –

  • 13.2 views per day
  • 92.4 views per week
  • 400.4 views per month
  • 0.5 Followers per day
  • 3.7 Followers per week
  • 16 Followers per month

These figures demonstrate to me that people actually read this thing!

*little happy dance*

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Just so you know..

Naomi over at Bewitchery is doing a giveaway..

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Problem posting pictures?

I seem to be having issues with picture posting at the moment..

My last two posts (5th July photo post and the one about my food blog) both have pictures in them but they don’t seem to be showing.. very annoying..

I shall try and figure out the issues and see what I can do!

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My life – Your hands.

So, I am sorry to keep banging on about this but it is on my mind in a huge way.. so I though ‘Hey!  What better way to make a decision than to put a poll on my blog!’

No pressure or anything, my life is just in your hands.

So I made a list of pro’s and con’s as to whether or not I should drop out of my Social Science module.

These are as follows:

  • It would allow more time to be spent on my maths module
  • 1 good grade (i.e. maths) is better than 2 bad/average grades
  • I would have more free time to spend with the boyf and my friends and for things I actually enjoy (which is definitely important)
  • I really want to do some voluntary, mentoring work and it would allow me the time to do that
  • It would free up 30 credits for me to do a module I actually enjoy (I chose social science as my 30 credit free choice module..)
  • It will seriously reduce my stress levels
My concerns/con’s are
  • I had financial support for this and if I do my free choice module at the end of my degree I will probably have to pay
  • It will prolong my degree by 6 months
  • I will only have 60 credits at the end of this academic year and I really wanted 90
  • I will feel like a failure.

Please help by completing the poll! (I won’t really hold you responsible for any bad decisions – honest ;-) )

[polldaddy poll=6362285]

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Beauty School Drop Out

Well, not actually beauty school.. just school.

Well, not technically school.. just a module.

I feel like a failure.

I just feel so overwhelmed and stressed at the moment and feel the only way I can deal with this is to cut some of the stressfulness from my life.

I mean, I have to keep the important things – like my blog.. right?!

So I have been thinking about my degree (you may need to concentrate here as it gets a bit complicated)

Basically, I am doing a degree in Leadership and Management.

The degree is made up of 360 credits.

330 of those credits are pretty much set up for you.  The other 30 is free choice.

I chose to do my free choice in Social Science.

What a mistake that was.

So at the moment I am doing a module in maths and a module in social science.

I just feel completely overwhelmed.

So here’s my thinking:

I would rather get a phenomenal good mark in one subject than an average/below average mark in two.

So I have made my decision and I am sticking too it.

Tomorrow I am calling the uni and withdrawing my place on the module.

The only thing that will stop me is them.

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So after my post last week explaining my jet lag and severe lack of sleep I still do not seem to have recovered.

Not only do I feel in a constant state of coma, I also have a shed load of work to catch up on.. stressed much?

So.  In between sleeping, trying to catch up on my degree and de cluttering the house, I thought I would do a little posting.

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An official apology

Just to say.. I am severley jet lagged and not slept in almost 48 hours. Hence my piss poor attempt at a Sentimental Sundays post. Please forgive me, I shall hopefully be back on form by Wednesday..

Just so you know..

.. I am not actually here. I am away until 26th June so have pre scheduled all my posts to go out.. Hence the possible vagueness.. enthusiasm tends to run dry after your 7th post in a row.. Anyway, I have tried my best to keep them all as interesting as possible but some may … Continue reading