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Food good Fridays!

Whilst browsing Pinterest I stumbled across this bad boy

So naturally, I clicked the link.. leading me to this page.. and therefore enabling me to find this amazing specimen of a dip.. brace yourselves, it’s a corker!

Now, it might not look quite as fabulous as the Better than Anything cake above it but have you read what it is?

Cookie. Dough. Dip.

Yes.  You heard.

What could be more incredible?!

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Food good Fridays!

We’ve had the mains, we’ve had the dessert.. it’s time for *drum roll please..*

The Cake Batter Martini!

‘What could possibly be in such a glorious looking drink?!’ I hear you cry.

Well, look no further, this beauty is made up of:

3 ounces Three Olives Cake Vodka
3 ounces white/clear creme de cacao
2 ounces amaretto
2 ounces heavy whipping cream
1 ounce Godiva white chocolate liqueur
sprinkles (I used nonpareils)

(I must admit – when I read this I did get a sudden pang of disappointment.. I was hoping for actual cake batter.  No such luck.)

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