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Food good Fridays!

Whilst browsing Pinterest I stumbled across this bad boy

So naturally, I clicked the link.. leading me to this page.. and therefore enabling me to find this amazing specimen of a dip.. brace yourselves, it’s a corker!

Now, it might not look quite as fabulous as the Better than Anything cake above it but have you read what it is?

Cookie. Dough. Dip.

Yes.  You heard.

What could be more incredible?!

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Sentimental Sundays!

I cannot believe it is Sunday already.

All week I have been looking forward to the weekend and now it is nearly over.

And so the process starts again..

This is kind of how I feel at the moment:

Since I have been back from my holiday i feel completely overwhelmed with hecticness.

Not of the busy kind but of the messy kind.

I currently feel like my life has no order at all.

I have uni work coming out of my eyeballs.

For those of you who don’t know:

  • I work full-time
  • Do a degree with the Open University
  • whilst minting a house
  • and looking after a puppy and a boyfriend

Believe me, it’s harder than it looks!

So, my mission this week is to get myself in order.

I feel our house has become one big cluttery mess.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like we are hoarders or anything:

Please note – This is NOT our house.

But I just feel there is clutter everywhere.. things that have no home end up stuffed in a drawer..  So, this week is all about sorting out the house, one drawer at a time.  The boyf is in on this plan (as you can imagine, he is overwhelmingly excited).

As well as de-cluttering, I also need to get my study in order.  I have fallen roughly three weeks behind and have roughly one week to catch up.. I am actually studying two modules alongside each other at the moment (this is the first and last time I shall do this..) and am finding it rather difficult to keep up, not to mention the fact they are both excruciatingly boring..

So, as I am sure you can appreciate, there is not much time for blogging at the moment, I will however try my best! Continue reading

No more nails.

Due to having incredibly pale skin (I like to call it porcelain myself) I have never really been able to pull off eye shadow..  I wear mascara and eye liner but the shadow never quite sits right.

Whilst scouring Pinterest I found these eyes, jealous much?

Also?  ALL my nails broke so I won’t be doing anymore nail art for a while – hence the move to the eyes! Continue reading

Food good Fridays!

Last week we had the mains, this week the dessert. Snicker Caramel Cheesecake Cookies. Could you actually think of anything better? I first laid eyes on these tasty treats on Pinterest but the original source is linked with the picture below. Here are the ingredients: 2 Cups chopped Snickers Bars 2 1/2 Cups graham cracker … Continue reading

Sentimental Sunday’s

Sundays offer a welcome chance to reflect on the week that has just passed. Inspired by Postsecret, Sunday’s shall be used to post inspirational and meaningful ‘anything’s’ I have found through the internet. By ‘inspirational’ and ‘meaningful’ I mean ‘likely to be rather hilarious’ or ‘this so rings true to my life!’ such as this one for example: … Continue reading

Guilty Pleasure

Whilst scouring Pinterest for some interesting nail art idea’s I stumbled across these bad boys: Here’s my interpretation: Not bad for a first attempt right?! Now, although I would most definitely not describe myself as girly, my guilty pleasure is my nails.  I enjoy this.  A lot. My nail paint of choice is Barry M. … Continue reading

Food good Fridays!

What better way to celebrate the weekend than with a delicious dinner, scrumptious dessert or tasty treat? Fridays for me are all about the food. Food good Fridays will bring you a new and exciting recipe found on the wonderful World Wide Web.  As I have said here I will try my best to link … Continue reading

Taking over the Internet.

It somehow seemed wrong to base an eclectic kind of love on the social network phenomenon without having a way to try and test them for myself. With so many sites out there it is hard to decide which to sign up for so I thought ‘what the heck’ and went for my three favourites. … Continue reading

Blog all about it.

For a while now I have been a part of this incredible blogging world.  Reading, deliberating, commenting. For an equally long while I have been considering ways in which I can become a more active member of the blogging community. My problem?  I have the attention span of a pea. And yes, for the purpose of … Continue reading