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Twitter trend Tuesdays

Last week we saw the ‘Best British Boy Band’ category at the Kerrang awards trending on Twitter in the UK. This week I thought we would branch out and look at Canada. The Canadian’s are talking about H&M (I am writing this on 12th June as I am otherwise engaged to do so at a … Continue reading

Twitter trend Tuesdays

‘Trending on Twitter’ has become a common household term in many parts of the world. Tuesdays will look at what is currently trending on Twitter, offering a chance to explore what people all over the world want to talk about. Please note, this post was writen in advance of the publish date and therefore the trend … Continue reading

Taking over the Internet.

It somehow seemed wrong to base an eclectic kind of love on the social network phenomenon without having a way to try and test them for myself. With so many sites out there it is hard to decide which to sign up for so I thought ‘what the heck’ and went for my three favourites. … Continue reading

Blog all about it.

For a while now I have been a part of this incredible blogging world.  Reading, deliberating, commenting. For an equally long while I have been considering ways in which I can become a more active member of the blogging community. My problem?  I have the attention span of a pea. And yes, for the purpose of … Continue reading