The Writer

I first started this blog with the intention of seeking my inspiration from the net.  However, as time has progressed I have come to realise that maybe my life isn’t so boring after all and I am therefore posting more and more about my actual life.

For this reason, I feel the need to introduce myself to you personally.

(without giving too much away as I always feel it limits your writing when people you know could be reading! – I once wrote a whole post about someone I work with, naming the pub we worked at, only to find that when you googled the pub name my blog came up.. needless to say I was not in anyones good books..).

So, here are some random facts.

  • I am 24 years old
  • I live with my partner
  • We had 17 fish but 16 died
  • We have a 16 week puppy – she’s amazing
  • I am studying towards a degree in Leadership and Management
  • I am English
  • I have 11 piercing but only use 3 on a regular basis
  • I have 1 tattoo and regret it 70% on the time
  • I work full time as a secretary
  • I suffer from migraines
  • I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers
  • I am the eldest
  • I gave up smoking 22 months, 26 days ago
  • I recently lost 21lb’s and proud
  • This is my third and longest standing blog.  Other than my first.  That went quite well.

So there you have it.

I will probably add to this list as time goes on but that gives you at least a little insight into who I am..

Also?  I keep another blog, especially dedicated to my weekly food good fridays! posts, go check it out!  Now!  Go!


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